Warranty & Product Care

We have provided a straightforward and honest warranty procedure in order to ensure that the owners of Magic Marine products have an enjoyable and long-term experience.

Magic Marine products have a 1-year international manufacturer’s warranty on workmanship. We will repair any manufacturing faults free of charge within the guarantee period, with the only exceptions of the “Not Covered Warranties” list below.  If we cannot repair your product then we will replace it with the same or similar product.

Not Covered Warranties

Damage caused by anything other than defects in materials or workmanship.Use in commercial, rental, teaching or instructional programs or activities.Damage caused by extended or excessive exposure to sunlight, improper handling or storage,or failure to follow instruction provided with this product.This product when classified as being 2nd hand or it is being sold as a 2nd (it is being sold as a product with existing defects).Normal wear and tear, including scratches and fading.Products repaired by another repair service. 

For warranty returns: Please take your product, clean and dry into the store where you purchased from, along with your receipt or proof of purchase. Your retailer will assess the product and arrange the return to our head office in the Netherlands.

Note: Magic Marine is not responsible for inherent risks/dangers and hazards involved with the use of our products.