Lobke Berkhout

The Netherlands


During the run-up to the Olympic Games in 2008 the relationship between Lobke and Magic Marine started. Sailing in the 470 together with helm Marcelien de Koning the won three World Championships in a row and conqueed a silver medal at the Olympics in Beijing 2008.

After this first medalLobke decided to go for another Olympic campaigns, this time she sailed with helmsmen Lisa Westerhof. They became World Champions twice and at the Olympics inLondon in 2012 they took the bronze medal.

Lobke took a short break after the 2012 Olympics, after a while the desire to go sailing came back again. She realized that not many of her former sailing colleagues continued sailing as professionals. She decided to put a women's team together to compete in the Women's International Match Racing Series (WIM-series).

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5x World Champion 470 Women
Silver Olympics Beijing 2008
Bronze Olympics London 2012

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