Polar Lining

A soft feel interior lining that reflects body heat and makes sure you will stay warm longer.

Inside layer - polar lining (soft touch)
With direct contact to the skin, a thermal fleece non itch layer provides comfort ans insulation to provide heat to the most important body parts: the human organs.

Mid-layer - lightweight foam
Lightweight foam measured by millimeter which provides warmth and enables full stretch. Enables heat transfer and capture through the pores to maintain a warmer body temerature in cold conditions.

Outside layer - m-flex (extreme flex)
Soft woven nylon weatherproof lining to block water pentration and has a soft touch finish with extreme stretch. This shell is water resistant.

Merino lining

Naturally warm, odor-resistant and antibacterial lining with body temperature regulating properties. Traps a heat layer against the body, and maintains this layer even when wet. Proved to offer a 35% increase in thermal efficiency, in dry and saturated conditions over comparable synthetic linings.