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Ultimate vest L/S

1,5mm neoprene | men 15007.170079

70% M-Flex 1.5mm neoprene vest; is ideal for wet, active boats in moderate-weather conditions. Airprene flowzone on the back provides an additional cooling feature for maximum comfort and breathability. Soft neoprene and clever thickness distribution have been used in the design to improve performance. Can be worn as a single layer against the skin, or as an outer layer for extra wind protection. Combine with a long john in boats where maneuverability is key.





  • M-Flex 70% Neoprene
  • Airprene
  • Fine mesh chest


  • Flatlock stitching
  • Airprene flow zone on back
  • Fine mesh wind protective chest
  • Clever thickness distribution for added comfort and manoeuvrability
  • Can be worn as a base layer or as part of a layering system
  • Slim fit

Retail price

€ 99,99

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Polar LiningA soft feel interior lining that reflects body heat and makes sure you will stay warm longer.

Inside layer - polar lining (soft touch)
With direct contact to the skin, a thermal fleece non itch layer provides comfort ans insulation to provide heat to the most important body parts: the human organs.

Mid-layer - lightweight foam
Lightweight foam measured by millimeter which provides warmth and enables full stretch. Enables heat transfer and capture through the pores to maintain a warmer body temerature in cold conditions.

Outside layer - m-flex (extreme flex)
Soft woven nylon weatherproof lining to block water pentration and has a soft touch finish with extreme stretch. This shell is water resistant.
AipreneMatrix of 3 layers, where the mid layer features small holes sandwiched between 2 nylon layers. It provides increased breathability, through its open cell structure whilst extending its stretch and flexibility properties.

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