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Tech Update - Spoil your coach


With the 2017 collection we provide gear for all types of weather conditions, but what should you pick when the circumstances are constantly changing? Learn more about the best products in our monthly Tech Update!



The Magic Marine coaches project was started because coaches need to face the same rough circumstances as their sailors when they’re out on the water. All coaches of the Magic Marine team members are taken care of. They receive specific gear for when they’re out on the water to protect themselves from the elements and they get what is needed to keep them happy on shore.

Join the #spoilyourcoach competition and spoil your coach for Christmas! You can find more information about the favourite products of the Magic Marine coaches and the #spoilyourcoach competition in this update. 

Javier Torres del Moral & Martha Rocha
Photo Sailing Energy - Martine Grael, Javier Torres del Moral & Kahena Kunze.
Javier Torres del Moral & Martha Rocha                                   Photo Sailing Energy - Martine Grael, Javier
                                                                                                                   Torres del Moral & Kahena Kunze

Javier Torres del Moral is coaching Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze in the 49er FX and Carlos Robles and Marco Grael in the 49er. Javier spends many hours on the water and is happy to be part of the Magic Marine coaching program.

Javier about the Magic Marine Element collection: “I must say I´m really surprised with the Element collection from Magic Marine. It´s well thought out for our coaching needs. Not only the Element Jacket and salopette keep me warm and comfy but also in warmer conditions, the Element light weight Jacket keeps me dry and comfortable!”
Sailors Klaus Lange & Yago Lange and coach Miguel Saubidet

Sailors Klaus Lange & Yago Lange and coach Miguel Saubidet

Not only we get feedback from the sailors, but also their coaches tell us what products they like best and make suggestions to us about what we can do better. This enables us to know what products help them the most when they are exposed to the elements while coaching. We have made a selection for this update so you can all start spoiling your own coaches! 
Element Light Weight Jacket
Element Jacket
€ 259,99
Find online
€ 14,99
Find online
Admiral / Arc Tee Long Sleeve
Element Salopette
€ 229,99
Find online
Rib Storage Bag
€ 99,99
Find online
Spin Boots
Lizard Spin Boot
€ 214,99
Find online
Rib Engine Cover € 69,99
Find online
Are you planning on spoiling your coach? Make sure you have a look online and tell us why your coach needs a professional Magic Marine look too and what he needs most! Share your thoughts before 20 December on 
Instagram using #spoilyourcoach and maybe your coach gets spoiled with some brand new gear for Christmas!

Team Rider Maxime Jonker from The Netherlands is really happy with the professional look her team has with help from Magic Marine: ‘I find it really important to look professional as a sailor not only out on the water but also on shore. Being able to extend this professional look with your coach is definitely a bonus and makes you feel even more a team!’

Coach Wannes van Laer: Gonçalo Pereira de Carvalho


Every month we send out our Magic Marine Tech Update with quotes from sailors related to an upcoming event. If you need more information or photos of our products, we're more than happy to help. It's also possible to talk to one of our team riders for more information. Please contact our Team Manager Linda Bomhof at


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