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  • Dust off your old, worn neoprene.
  • Bring it to your favourite Magic Marine store.
  • Trade it for a similar product.
  • Get 25% discount on a brand new Magic Marine neoprene.

Recycle Neoprene

Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber also known as a polychloroprene. When you would throw your wetsuit away, especially the older ones, the fabric can’t be re-used just like plastic bags. Unlike plastics, neoprene doesn't have a specific recycling stream. This would mean waste-processing companies would burn the materials and the waste would be stored at a dumping ground. In this way our old wetsuit would become useless, that’s why we want to give your neoprene gear a second life!

How does it work?

Two months a year, in April & October, you can go to a Magic Marine store to trade your old neoprene products for a 25% discount on a new, similar product. So bring in an old long john means getting a discount on a new long john. Your old gear doesn’t necessarily need to be from Magic Marine. As long as it’s neoprene! Your handed in neoprene will be send to Néocombine to be re-used.